Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorite: Gigi's Cupcakes is pure ecstasy

I first experienced Gigi's Cupcakes in Norman, OK, when our friend brought them to us one weekend. They were so beautifully decorated and tasted so delicious I knew I would have them every chance I could.

Last weekend,we were in Norman for work and then stayed with some friends.  I declared we must pick up a dozen cupcakes to take as a hostess gift and to honor their son's first birthday.  (It's still a gift when you get to enjoy it, too, right?) They were delicious! Although, I'm not a fan of the Canadian Maple, which had bacon in it, I can't deny it was tasty. My mouth waters just thinking of the Pumpkin Cream, Wedding Cake, and Grasshopper.

Right before my family returned home, we chopped up the remaining cupcakes so we could have a bite of each. 

I've not been that indulgent in a long time, and it was divine.

The news gets's a chain!  Maybe there is one near you.   If so, go there now.

What are you waiting for? Go now.

Few sure things exist in life. This is one of them. 

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