Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writer's Wednesday: Challenging

Do you ever get that nugget of a story that won't let go?

For me,'s a line of dialogue.'s the characters actually talking to me.'s an image.'s an emotion--and I know the (imaginary) circumstances that cause it.'s a conviction that can only be shared through metaphor.'s procrastination so I don't have to finish the revisions of my current novel--that is so close to completion it terrifies me. The end of things makes me uneasy; whereas, the process or journey is what brings me satisfaction.

My most recent nugget came to me first as an image and then as an emotion. When I realized it was science fiction, I panicked.

I like science fiction. I respect science fiction. But I don't write it.

But that pesky "nugget of a story" refused to vacate my brain.

Staying within the comfy confines of young adult literature, I decided to try it. While I was at it, though, I challenged myself more.  Other than this blog, I don't write in first person--because it's so biased and challenging to do properly.  I prefer the comfy third person, past tense approach. So, to make the experience even fuller, I changed to present tense.

The first line went from The kiss was electric to Our kiss is electric.

Challenging myself and getting to know that other world in short story was so much fun I think I may have found the topic of my next novel.  By writing the short story, I think I've already written a chapter. Whether it's the first or last of the novel is undecided.

I'm going to complete my current novel first.

Completion. Another challenge.

Have you challenged yourself recently?


  1. I didn't even think about the first person issue! I forgot your discomfort with it -- gosh, it really works for this story, especially with the present tense. :)

  2. Ha! Your voice in my head made me try it because you've told me several times, "I wish you'd try this in first person." (or something like that!)

  3. Loved your story! This is a delicious nugget to treat you after revision work. I will challenge myself also-- suggestions?

  4. Lisa, for a challenge, think of something you're incapable of doing properly--or at all--and give it a whirl. I tried three at once because I suspected the result would be a mess anyway and didn't have anything to lose. Go for it!