Monday, April 27, 2009

Go Bulldogs!

I had a wonderful time today with the fifth graders at Okmulgee Elementary. Thank you for inviting me, Mrs. Mitchell! They were great kids.

Since Okmulgee was where I attended school, I was excited to return. It showed in my clothes. I was so full of "bulldog spirit" that I dressed in the school colors of red and black. I told the kids the tiny bits of truth that were in my novel so that they could look around town and recognize the inspiration for an idea. For example, the town square in Forrester is based on the town square in Okmulgee. In most classes, we had the opportunity to do a brief writing activity. It's so much more enjoyable for me to encourage kids to write than to talk about myself.

Mrs. Dove, the media specialist, invited me to return this summer and fall. I'm looking forward to giving writing workshops. One of the workshops will be on journaling and the other is yet to be determined. I'm certain a good time will be had, though!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jounral: locationlocationlocation

In our new town is a great little pizza place called Sam and Ella's.

Yep. Like salmonella.

And it's decorated with chickens. Everywhere. The first time I ate there I didn't even get the irony of the decorations. I simply thought there were chickens everywhere--on the walls, tablecloths, ceilings, etc. (Have I mentioned that I HATE chickens because they are stupid and filthy creatures? Alas, that's another blog.)

What sense of humor created this little restaurant? Regardless of the silly birds and ominous name, the place is always busy. They serve fabulous pizza. Plus, their salads are nothing to scoff at. The wait staff is young college types who wait on you with a friendliness that's so much a part of this region of the country.

It is a great setting for a story. As I sat in a booth with my husband and baby boy, I imagined the conversations going on at the other tables. What sort of people were they? What had brought them there? What lives did they lead? My mind still churns with the possibilities!

Journal: Describe a public location--real or fictional--where characters can congregate.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Journal: Flattery will get you everywhere

The waiter handed me an iced tea to go and placed something on the bar. "You dropped your name tag." I looked down at a little paper packet that read Sugar.

Oh my.

Pick up lines tell a lot about a person.

Journal: Write a character sketch in which a character is attempting to flirt. Explore the possibilities. He or she can be super successful or painfully pathetic. Feel free to embellish your own experience.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Journal: Sleepover

Goldilocks slept in the bedroom of the three bears.

She slept. In a house. Belonging to bears. Not knowing when they'd return.


No amount of sleep aids could help me accomplish such a feat.

Sleeping is not something I necessarily have difficulty with, but I do sleep some places better than others.

I never slept well on my friend's trampoline--even though I didn't really believe that a ghost of a ballerina pirouetted in her yard at midnight.

I always sleep well on a cruise ship--perhaps because I like being rocked to sleep by the ocean waves.

I don't enjoy sleeping in a tent--especially if someone gets the bright idea to mist water inside like it's some sort of "tent air conditioner." (By the way, it doesn't work. It makes the air humid and your sleeping bag damp.)

I do enjoy sleeping while the air is a bit chilly in a big comfy bed--if it has a down alternative comforter even better.

I like the idea of bed and breakfasts, but I always stay awake wondering about the history of the home or listening to other guests wander the halls.

I don't like music or tv on while I sleep. The songs and shows weave their way into my dreams, and it gets a little crazy.

I really like the idea of closing my laptop, turning off the light, and getting a full night's rest without my baby waking me up.

Goldilocks slept in a bear's house. Surely I can get at least an hour without interruption, right?

Journal: Write about a night spent in a location other than your bedroom.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm back!

I apologize for my hiatus. I'll try to do better.

People who complain they don't have time for things have always gotten on my nerves. I always figured the people who really didn't have time were the ones too busy to claim they didn't have time. So, I'm not going to offer pathetic excuses that you don't really care about anyway.

Instead, I'm going to let you do that for me.

When I began this blog, I wanted to have a journal prompt every Friday. I've not been faithful. Hopefully, you have been.

So... for today's journal...

Journal: Write a list of 20 excuses. For anything. They can be as far-fetched or lame as you like. Just give me an excuse.