Friday, February 10, 2012

Construction Party for Kids who Love Bob the Builder, Handy Manny, and...Dirt

Bob the Builder is quite the star at our house. My son identified different types of machinery for months and can tell me how to build a parking garage.  He informed us repeatedly of how he's going to drive this or that when he gets bigger.

Obviously, a construction themed third birthday party seemed perfect. But I didn't want to do a party-in-a-box, so I searched some great blogs and found inspiration.

If you have a little one who is interested in construction, Handy Manny, or Bob the Builder check out these blogs for ideas.

Click here to see our party.

From Juicy Bits: Renting a construction vehicle and offering rides is better than Disney World at this age. The sandbox stations capture most kids' desire to "dig in."

The Smiths:  From the extension cord wreath to the pool house transformation into a work trailer, this party is punctuated with little sparks of personality.  Maybe it's having a three-year-old and appreciating potty humor, but the the Port a Potty cracked me up, too.

Pure Joy Events: How cool is this box tractor?

Cake (formerly Birthday girl):   This blogger's inspiration boards are imagination candy for sure!

My Insanity:   Brownies are my favorite food, and I love how they were incorporated in this party. Also, I ADORE the lunch boxes, but wouldn't spray paint anything due to the pregnancy, and I couldn't find it in myself to pester my hubby to do it for me.

The Hip Hostess:   Check out the Home Depot tool belts! I couldn't believe how friendly the store was when I went in and tried to buy some kid-sized tool belts.  They gave them to me.  That night, my son told me it was his "faaaaaaaavorite" part. The next morning he wanted to wear it again.

Oriental Trading:  Look at these great hard hats.  If your little construction worker prefers pink apparel to yellow, no problem!

Birthday Party Ideas 101:     Find lots of game and activity suggestions.

Party Kaboose:   More game and activity and decorating ideas are located here.

Wasn't that a fun virtual party? Go ahead and throw one of your own.


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