Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Novel Idea Beyond the Farthest Star

We have our answer!

Last Friday my writing group The Inklings hosted a Novel Idea party to celebrate the release of Dee Dee Chumley's young adult novel Beyond the Farthest Star.

"There are times a girl needs a guardian angel."

Once again, the Marottas opened their lovely home to a bunch of rowdy writers.

The Inklings

The Marottas
In keeping with the book, angel hair pasta was served...
Lisa and Dee Dee, the guest of honor well as angel food cupcakes with fondant angels and stars.
A taste sensation creation from Gigi's Cupcakes
We showered Dee Dee with gifts, good times,

...and sentimental moments.

The table was decorated with blue tulle, candles, flowers, Willow Tree angels, and a cloth printed with silver stars. Little glass (plastic?) stars were sprinkled around the table for depth. The table matched the invitation and party favor bags beautifully.

My mom and I contributed party favors and invitations.  Party favors were Ding Dongs (read the book and you'll know why), star earrings, and coasters.  So many restaurants were mentioned in the novel, I thought it would be cute to have coasters representing them.  Well...Dee Dee received a stack of individualized coasters, but everyone else received one with a constellation.

I love the planning and idea stage of things, but it's always hard for me to say something is finished. That's where my mom excels. I'm pretty sure she was finished long before I was! If it weren't for her, the coasters would have been tacky to the touch and in appearance.

Some of the swag from Beyond the Farthest Star Novel Idea party
 We are so proud for our Dee Dee. Congratulations!

These shindigs inspire us all to speed the process on our current works in progress. Who will be our next guest of honor?


  1. The Inklings are the absolute best writing partners. It is worth writing a book just to be the guest of honor at a Novel Idea Party! Thank you Brandi and Martha and all the Inklings for your inspired work!

    1. You're welcome! The Inklings kind of rock. :) It is so fun to celebrate the successes of each member in the group. I wonder who will be next. *Fingers crossed as I chant memememememe*