Saturday, November 29, 2008

Release Party

Upon entering the library, people encountered this beautiful table filled with books about fairies. Since EMHS is the home of the bulldogs, even the dogs on the table had wings! It couldn't have been any cuter. Beside the table are my friends Brenda and Carole.
As soon as we arrived, Max's fans mobbed him. Below are some of my dear friends from book club and the teaching days: Carol, Mary Jo, Brenda, and Cheryl. For weeks I'd been quizzing Garrett about what he was supposed to do that night. His instructions were clear. He was expected to stand guard beside Max and not let anyone touch him without slathering hands with sanitizer. His mission totally failed. Before I'd even handed Max over to Carol, Garrett was mingling...far away from his appointed position. The ladies pictured below knew their business, though. I saw them ordering Max's admirers to rid themselves of germs before sharing him. Ah, I love these women.

This angle doesn't do justice to the treats prepared by the book club. I mentioned on my website what great cooks the members are. Do I even need to mention that these were no ordinary cookies? When I told my parents that they were all homemade, they couldn't believe it. I swear, the table looked like something out of Martha Stewart Living or Family Circle. It was beautiful. An adorable frog hid out below the centerpiece and tiny frogs were sprinkled like confetti all over the table. Even the impressive floral arrangement was created by Sandra, who is a college professor, not a florist. These women have skills. Below, Elizabeth is checking out the goodies while Cheryl supervises.
After catching up with people and reading the first chapter of Glamour to my captive audience, I signed books. It was so fun. Best of Books sold books...until they ran out. (I heard they ordered more, though, so you can still get your copy in Edmond.) I loved seeing so many people I care about in one room...and they were buying my book! The experience was surreal. I was blown away with kindness. How cute are the girls in the picture below? The visable adults in the pic are Cheryl, Debbie, Sandra, Amy, Christy, Cheryl, and Susan.
Here's a picture of Garrett mingling with our friends Derek, Jenni and their kiddos--instead of guarding Max from germs. Jenni was one of my first readers for Glamour.
Over Garrett's shoulder is my dad. Unfortunately, this is the only photo of him that I have from the evening. I don't have one of my mom--even with the writing group! How did I not get a picture with my family?

Below are part of The Inklings: Lisa, Kelly, and Sonia. Not pictured are Martha, Dee Dee, Shel, and moi. Kelly and Brenda helped put together the whole release shebang and did a great job. Doesn't Kelly look relieved that it's almost over? By the way, study the faces of the ladies below. Each are talented writers who will be famous one day.

Dee Dee is another talented Inkling. She's the lady in the middle of the picture below. Sandy and Sharee are sandwiching her. They are two of the hardest working ladies I know. And funny. Oh, yeah. If you need a good laugh, wander the halls until you run into one of them.
Let me first say that I'm not as fat as this picture makes me look. However, I had to include the picture because Amy Tebow is in it. When I lived in Oklahoma, she was responsible for making me feel pretty. I miss her so much. But there's no reason you should have to. She's at 33rd Street Salon in Edmond. Amy is the fastest cut this side of the Mississippi...and amazing. So, go to her. You won't regret it.
Hey! I just noticed my dad is in the background of this picture, too! It's kind of like playing Where's Waldo?, isn't it?

This picture showed me that another party was going on outside the library. Max is being held by Garrett's mom Mary. The other little boys in the picture are Johnny and Jennifer's twins who were born on the same day as Max. Aren't they adorable? It only makes sense that they were wanting to hang out and get started on their friendship.
To all of you who made this night one of the best in my life: Thank you!

To all of you who have photos: Please email me!

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