Thursday, November 6, 2008

New moms can save your job

The mall was eerie. Few people were shopping. It made the recession that's all over the news when they're not talking about politics feel very real. Workers stood around at kiosks with no one to talk to as they passed by. Some store employees were so accustomed to doing nothing that they didn't offer service when they saw an actual customer. Too bad. Before long I fear many will be out of a job. Some of the shops were already closed.

Here's a suggestion for anyone working in the retail industry:

If you see a woman pushing a stroller containing a tiny baby, wait on her. Make suggestions. Bring her anything you think might look good on her. She's gone to the trouble of getting out of the house. She will buy something. If you work on commission, this customer is your dream.

Why? Because if that baby is still little, she's aching to get out of her maternity clothes but probably can't get any of her pre-pregnancy clothes over her hips. None of her tops will fit either because things are bigger there, too. She has no idea what her size is. If she doesn't have to look at the sizes--which are so much larger than they were several months ago--and can put on clothes that actually fit and that have a real, not elastic, waist band, she will be happy. Happy women buy stuff.

No one offered to help me, so I didn't buy stuff. One of these days, I'm going back to some of those stores carrying lots of shopping bags like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman so I can say, "Big mistake. Huge."

So, moms=easy targets.

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