Friday, November 28, 2008

Glamour at EMHS

After two weeks away, I'm finally back in NJ. If anyone has any pics from recent book events, please send them my way. I'd love to post them.

Glamour's official release was November 18. I kicked off the day with a writing workshop for students at Edmond Memorial High School. It was a lot of fun to teach again. However, I'd forgotten just how exhausting it could be.

The students' enthusiasm was impressive and inspirational. Several students told me about novel ideas they were working on. I didn't hear a single idea that wouldn't make a fantastic book. Those teens are creative. Here they are during the workshop.
The library has been renovated since I taught at EMHS. Doesn't it look magnificent?

Outside the library was a bulletin board about my book. So cool.

Creative writing teacher Kelly Bristow and librarian Brenda Price organized the visit. Back in my teaching days, I organized a few author visits so I know how much work it is. From my side, everything appeared seamless. They did a beautiful job. I loved that I was able to return to where so much of Glamour actually started.

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