Thursday, December 4, 2008

Harwelden Mansion Book Signing

On November 20, I joined about 20 other Oklahoma authors at Harwelden Mansion in Tulsa for Oklahoma Ink's fourth annual book fair. Not only was the location beautiful, but also some proceeds went to a good cause. The money benefited the Tulsa Press Club's Scholarship Fund.

The evening was lovely. Friends came I'd not seen in ages, plus I got to make new friends. Lots of pictures were taken, but I've not seen them. (I've decided I'm not very photogenic and my pals just didn't want me to know.) The picture above was sent to me, and I had to post it. Aren't these girls beautiful...or should I say glamorous?

As I mentioned, other Oklahoma authors were there. Billie Letts, William Bernhardt, Teresa Miller and more sat at tables and signed books. I was honored to be in their midst.

But I felt COOL to be at the same event as Ally Carter. You know Ally Carter. She's the one who wrote I Could Tell You I Love You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You. I've mentioned her books before as Hogwarts for spies. The National Spy Museum in Washington D.C. sells her books in the gift shop. Why? Because they're that cool.

And I got to meet her. And she bought Glamour. The latter, of course, completely increased her cool factor in my opinion. Most of all, she's a really nice lady. She seems like one of her characters you could pal around with...even though she just might know 120 ways to maim you with a paperback.

All in all, the Tulsa event was better than I expected.

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