Monday, August 11, 2008

Shiny new apple

I have a new computer.

Garrett spent hours this weekend transferring things from my old laptop to this one. He's been telling me I needed a new one for almost a year. A plethora of reasons, including the desire to complete Glamour without having to learn a new system, kept me from yielding. Although the blue screen of death appeared frequently, Garrett always resurrected my little laptop for me. This week I consented to a new computer because my old faithful IBM Thinkpad was doing strange things a little too often.

Change isn't easy. I like my old laptop.
Sure, only one of its closure clasps works.
Okay, so the keyboard is coming apart from the rest of the computer.
Yeah, the letters are missing from most of the keys from daily use.

I'm a big fan of The Velveteen Rabbit. Loving something makes it real. Just because it's not shiny new anymore doesn't mean it should be thrown in the fire.

I still don a plaid, pleated skirt I've had since the 8th grade.
I still date the guy I met as a college freshman.
I still drive a dented Taurus with the check engine light on.
Why? I love them.

However, I have a lot of work and photos saved to that laptop. If it decided one day to eat them all, I'd have thrown the thing in a fire myself--after running over it with my car and bludgeoning it with a hammer. When I realized that possibility was close, I consented to the new computer.

Since it's a Mac, a definite transition period is to be expected.

But I'm sure I'll grow to love it.
The flat keyboard feels rather nice beneath my fingertips.
The white color is bright and cheery.
The features seem exciting--once I learn how to use them.

Yeah, maybe I'll like this newbie after all.

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  1. So, while searching for something completely different and accidentally misspelling a name, who do I find? I thought...couldn't be the Brandi Bryant...I mean Barnett I know! And sure enough, the world is small! Congrats on the new book and baby!
    Lindsay Buell (Moore)