Friday, August 22, 2008

journal: school days

School is back in session in some states. In others, the time is coming soon.

Kids have new clothes. Teachers flash bright smiles. Teens rev car engines.

There's nothing like the smell of Crayolas in the morning.

Every year at this time, I have a compulsion to buy school supplies or at least walk down the aisles and pick up the pretty folder, lovingly touch the Elmer's Glue, admire the array of pens. Does anyone else do that?

Ah, nostalgia.

Usually, I'm brought back to reality by something in the store--maybe a clean up on aisle 9. Then I remember that strange smell and funny orange powder stuff the custodians poured on the carpet where some kid in class got sick. Or I recall the heartbreak of a boy liking some other girl while not even noticing my existence. Or that sinking feeling when the teacher passed out the multiplications test on 7's and 8's and I'd not studied. Or the experience of making new lunch friends because my regular pals were away on a field trip. Or the horror when five other girls wore my prom dress in five different colors.

Okay. That one was funny. We even had our picture taken.

School days. There's definitely a story in there somewhere.

Journal: Write about a school moment.

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