Friday, August 8, 2008

Journal: travel

My friends are getting married in Paris today. I wish I could be there. Congrats, you guys!

I love Paris.

I've always loved the idea of Paris.

A long time ago, my grandmother asked me where I wanted to go on vacation. At six years old, I immediately responded, "Paris."

I took French in high school so that I could speak it when I one day had the opportunity to visit. When Garrett and I went, it came in handy. We enjoyed the culture, the food, the sights...everything.

I definitely want to return. And a wedding would have been a good reason, but I'd hate to go into labor somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. My French isn't good enough to say, "Take me to Nice and get me Angelina and Brad's doctor. I want to deliver at the same hospital as the twins."

Journal: Write about visiting a foreign land.

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