Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorite: Maximus and Alexandra

Maximus and Alexandra.

Doesn't that sound like an epic love story?

Hope so. 

Our hope is that our children will love and cherish each other as the best friend he and she is intended to be.

It's looking good so far.  Even before she was born, Max vowed not to hit her. He also declared he would teach her to pee standing up like a big boy. Since her arrival, he's offered her his favorite toys and told her to pick one with which to play.  If that's not three-year-old devotion, I don't know what is.

And it's not a one-way street.  She reacts to him.  As soon as he enters a room, she opens her eyes.  In utero, she responded to his voice, and now she adores his little pats and coos.  The other day he kissed her foot and she smiled. Gas? That's what "they" say. But nothing can take away the delight in his eyes when he saw her response.

Dr. Max could hardly wait to hold her.
Dr. Max holding Baby A in hospital
 His affection for her grew when she gave him a Hess truck for being her big brother.

Holding his new truck and examining the parking garage
He encourages her tummy time efforts by rewarding her with stickers.
Note that those are Bob the Builder stickers, a favorite
 He offers visitors candy to welcome her arrival.
Caught in the act! He claims he doesn't like chocolate.

Max really wants to play with her, so we're trying to catch her up. 

Babies supposedly respond well to black and white images.  I couldn't find the cards my mom and I made for Max, so I made some more. Look at her! She seems to enjoy studying.

Plus, she has hair!  I have a baby with hair!

Baby's first flashcards

And I'll close with my favorite photo of Alexandra so far. How adorable is this outfit her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Brett gave her? I've ordered these pics from the hospital, so kindly ignore the sheer ghetto-ness of the imprint reminding everyone that the photo was for web-viewing only.
Alexandra Celeste
4:13 PM
6 pounds 13 ounces
19 1/2 inches


  1. So sweet! You have all been in my thoughts so much lately.

  2. Precious.
    From the sibling adoration to the beauty of your daughter.
    Absolutely precious!

  3. So sweet. Congratulations, Brandi!

  4. Congratulations you guys make a beautiful family. Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Thanks, all.:)

    I spoke too soon regarding the complete adoration. Yesterday he squeezed her arm. At first he claimed it was because she hit him. Then he admitted he wanted to see what she'd do. Let the games begin!