Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Girl: Obedient or Smartypants?

Garrett says it's my fault. 

I'd asked Baby Girl to remove her feet from my ribs, and she did. 

Hmmm. Is she obedient or a smartypants?

After a nearly textbook pregnancy, Baby Girl decided to switch things up.  

Two weeks ago, she was in position. We figured she and Max would share a birthday. His birthday came and went. Labor Day came and went.  On Tuesday I went to my regularly scheduled appointment and she sent me to get an ultrasound. Of course, the in-house clinic was booked because it was the day after a long weekend, so we got to go to the hospital and pay extra...

...and discover she had moved into a left transverse position. In other words, she is lying sideways with her head on my left.

At thirty-nine weeks, this position is less than ideal.

Garrett has been so funny (in a creepy way) about it.  He said I should thank my "lucky stars for modern medicine" because a hundred years ago both the baby and I would die. Thanks, honey. The whole dying-in-labor-thing doesn't appeal to me. Later, he explained the origin of the Caesarean and how it was practiced on dead women for centuries.  Then live women--who weren't expected to live. It wasn't until the 1500s that a woman survived. Woohoo! Today he went on to talk about the extensive family research he's done recently: Generations of men in my family had more than one wife who died in childbirth.  Nice.

I guess we're a good pair because as morbid as the conversations have been, I feel strangely comforted. I mean, he's done a lot of research to be aware of what's going on with me. That's sweet, right?

Still, I'm not excited about the possibility of a c-section. Sure, women do them all the time.  But I don't.  My chiropractor friend Breanna did acupuncture on me this morning.  Baby is already moving more than she has since she spun around into this crazy position. Maybe she'll dance around to where she should be before I have to have a c-section.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Miracles happen. Either way, I feel confident you will both be ok.

  2. Prayers for you and Baby Girl. These crazy kids--they never do what you expect. She could just flip her way back around in a minute flat and all this worry will be for nothing. :) Hang in there!

  3. My gosh, Garrett sounds like someone I know, perhaps Jeff! What would they do without computers, visit the medical library? Anyway, I am sure that you and Alexandra will conquer this complication without difficulty. As far as the C-section, I know it is not ideal but Melissa has 2 beautiful daughters brought into the world that way. Glad your Mom is close, you will need her. In our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Goodness! The kid is already complicating your life even before birth! Good luck, Brandi!