Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorite: Jim McCarthy's 100 Shows a Year

It's no secret I love theater. One of my first memories was watching Dracula.  I was two.  I longed to be pulled onstage, but was fascinated to watch the story unfold. That show was a high school production, so you can imagine how my soul ached when I attended my first Broadway production.  It's like that serious, mind altering crush that alters one's life's path with a kiss.  Theater was my first love.

My second love was books. Some people like the smell of roses or musk, but give me the smell of a theater or library and I'm home. I'm not certain why I love them both so much. Perhaps the commonality is that they're both haunted by characters.

In the last two years I've had major withdrawals.  I've not been to New York.  IN TWO YEARS. Sure, the food is great and the city is electric, but...Broadway.   I grew accustomed to going several times a year. When we lived there, well, Broadway was my Siren. Does one ever get over her first love?

At the DFW Writing Conference last weekend, I discovered how to live vicariously through another until I can make it to New York City again. I was thrilled to discover the new blog 100 Shows a Year by the stellar agent Jim McCarthy. Perhaps I should have pitched my book to him, but then I'd have missed all of the updates on NYC theater.  I'll definitely send him pages, because he's a superstar agent. Perhaps I should kick myself for not pushing my novel. But how often do I get to talk to someone who may actually be more passionate about theater than I am?

Confession: I fantasize about discussing a book deal over a Starbucks chai frap on our way to see a Broadway show.

But, seriously, if you love theater and concerts, check out his new blog.


  1. Thanks for reminding me of the name of his blog!

    I love theater -- perhaps I'm not quite as jazzed about musical theater as you, but I sure love to see plays in NYC and London. (I must say that one of the best theater experiences I ever had was seeing Ewan McGregor in GUYS & DOLLS in London. Maybe I should loosen up and try more musicals? It's just . . . that singing thing.)

  2. Isn't it great?

    I can only imagine how fabulous Ewan McGregor was in Guys and Dolls. Lucky you!

    And, yes, you should really get over that whole "creepy singing thing" people do in musicals, because, you know, they also dance.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, Brandi! That's incredibly kind of you.

    And I can totally understand Sonia's reticence towards musical theater. A bad play is one thing. A bad musical is excruciating (I once literally had to RUN out of a theater because I couldn't stop laughing at a very poorly done, very serious scene in Brooklyn, the Musical). But when they're done right: bliss!

  4. Oh, and duh: you know what's even better than pitching your novel at a conference? Blogging about liking an agent's blog. Flattery will get you everywhere. So send some pages whenever you're ready. :)

  5. Yay! Glad you liked the tribute, Jim. I'll send Lucky Charm your way soon.