Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DFW Writing Conference agent tidbits

Had a fabulous time at  the DFW Conference with my writing pals Sonia Gensler and Lisa Marotta.  We met so many amazing people, and I can't wait to put to use everything I learned. My body is tired, but my soul feels refreshed.

Here's a photo the paparazzi shot as we were leaving.

Over the next few weeks, I'll share some notes with you. However, I feel compelled to tell you a little about the agents I met at the conference: They were wonderful.
    • My pitch with Kate McKean went well. Not only did she like my dress, but she called my book "charming" and asked for pages.  Since, my 2nd novel is called Lucky Charm, I'd say that's a win. And I love her.
    • I met the entertaining Jim McCarthy and am totally impressed. Check back more about him Friday. Why? Because he's cool--with an interesting hobby.
    • A young adult panel of agents, who answered all questions thoughtfully, reminded us there are people in the industry who want to be responsible with children's literature and are not just looking for the next edgy, shocking YA novel. Thank you Elana Roth, Weronika Janczuk, Jessica Sinsheimer. 
    Sure, my critique buddies and I  fantasized about hotel rooms with chandeliers and 400 thread count sheets--or at least rooms less like dorms--but the conference speakers were great. And that's why we attended.


      1. Yay! Hey, if you find Jim's theater blog, please direct me to it. *hugs*

      2. I'll write more about it on Friday, so this is a bit of a spoiler...100 Shows a Year.