Friday, February 25, 2011

DFW Writing Conference

I'm thrilled to be at the DFW Writing Conference with my friends Lisa Marotta and Sonia Gensler.  What a lovely experience to be immersed in writing business for an entire weekend!

The organization of the conference leading up to this weekend has impressed me.  Can you believe that the conference has its own blog? Many of the speakers, including agents and editors, have posted blog entries, which offers a nice glimpse into their personalities. In the last week, we've had daily emails and links to the blog.  The countdown has done its publicity trick on me. I'm excited.


  1. Hey Brandi! Very psyched up from the DFWCON, just started research to enter the blogosphere. Enjoyed rooming with you in the "dorm."

  2. The "dorm" definitely brought back some old college memories. Thanks for being such a great roomie. The conference was awesome. I'm still trying to process all of it. Looking forward to posting some of my notes on the blog. Can't wait to read yours!