Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learning to see again

After 10 years of Lasik bliss, I discovered I needed new glasses in December. My major clue was when I skipped a dear friend's birthday party because...get this...I was afraid to drive at night.

I know. I sound ancient.

Nope. Just blind.

Another clue that I might have needed an optometrist was that for the last year or so a recurring dream haunted me. I stood in front of a mirror trying to remove a contact. Then I'd freak out and think, Stop pulling at your eye or you'll tear off your retina. You had Lasik, silly. You're eyes are great.

Wrong. So wrong.

I assumed it was some sort of symbolic dream where I needed to take a closer look at my life or something. Nope. Just my subconscious telling me to get glasses.

So I did.

But I lasted about as long with glasses this time around as I did the first time. Even though I tried to be stylish and purchased several different styles, I really didn't like exercising in glasses that slipped down my nose.

In the fifth grade, a sweaty nose was a slip and slide for pesky glasses while I played football or took ballet. I tried on my first pair of lenses and was hooked. When I tried contacts again for the first time in a decade, it felt great. The soft lenses are so much more comfy than those hard gas permeable contacts I wore. And I can do yoga and Pilates without fogging up my glasses.

So, I still wear my trendy glasses, but I can also do the contact thing.

I like options.

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