Friday, July 16, 2010

Journal: Festival

I grew up in a town that was in the Guiness Book of World Records and Trivial Pursuit.


Pecan pie.

As a kid, I attended Okmulgee's annual Pecan Festival. Every year, an enormous pie plate blocked main street. Yes, the entire street. The sun, a giant pan and foil combined to cook--more or less--the world's largest pecan pie each year. Lots of people claimed that once they took home their glob of pie and cooked it a little while that it tasted really good. I've never been a pecan pie fan, so I took their word for it.

Still, I love the excitement of small town festivals. Aside from going to Walmart, it's the one chance you have of running into old friends in a small town.

Journal: Write about a festival.

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