Saturday, July 12, 2008

Journal: an imaginary friend

My cousin has a beautiful family. I'm thrilled Max will have such a loving extended family. Not only is his wife amazing, but he also has four of the most well behaved and charming kiddos on the planet. Anyone who's around me for very long has heard me talk/brag about them.

As you can tell, I'm not partial or anything.

The kids all have creative names. I actually borrowed Blaezi's name and used it for my fairy protagonist in Glamour.

The imagination doesn't stop there.

Here's part of an email from their mama.

The afternoon after we had lunch, Boe Maggie had a huge story for all of us.
We were outside and she had been running. She grabbed her belly and said, "Oh, I can't run!"
When we asked why and what was wrong she replied, "Maximus is running in my belly."
We (the kids and I) all played along.

Later that evening I woke Mika from his nap as I was leaving for work. I told him his daughter
thought she was expecting. I honestly didn't think he would play along.
However, when I was walking out, I looked back and Mika was having to "rock Maximus"!!!
Boe Maggie already had a "friend" named Julie. Now we have Maximus and Julie. They play and
eat with us quite often. When asked where they are she will either say, or point to, a place.
Sometimes when asked if we can hold Maximus she will raise her shirt and get him out of
her belly button.
I figured if a child almost two years old can be so creative, you can, too. She's the journal inspiration for this week.

Journal: Write about an imaginary friend.

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