Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby Shower at Lady Mendl's Tea Salon

On July 19, our friends in the area surprised us in NYC with a baby shower for Max. It was exactly one month after some friends in OKC threw an impromptu one while I was in the state. I'm blessed to know such good people.

I wondered why my mom and Garrett thought it was a good idea to go into the city on the hottest day of the year so far when they'd been being so nurturing and protective otherwise. I think it was at least 95 degrees--and even though that's merely warm in Oklahoma, in New York that temperature is hot. Anyway, we tromped through Chinatown and then Garrett wanted to go to Union Square. Since he likes hanging out in parks, I didn't think anything of it. Besides, a Babies R Us across the street shone like a beacon because I knew they were bathroom friendly to moms-to-be. And, more importantly, the store had air conditioning.

Afterward, Garrett encouraged us to walk a certain direction and I saw my friends Stephanie and Alison chatting it up on the sidewalk. I momentarily thought, "Wow. Small world." Then I saw Colleen, Josh, Paul and baby Ellery with gift bags in tow. They yelled, "Surprise! It's your baby shower!"We then strolled to The Inn at Irving Place, which is an inn that also houses Lady Mendl's Tea Salon. Yes, Lady Mendl's! None of them knew it, but this place was bookmarked on my computer long before we even moved here. I've wanted to go but figured it wasn't going to happen. Luckily, my friends know I'm a sucker for a tea party, and Stephanie had discovered it in her research.

I was delighted! The flowers were gorgeous. The tea was delish. We sat down for a five course high tea and even the boys enjoyed themselves. I thoroughly reveled in my food, knowing that I wasn't eating anything that would hurt the baby thanks to Alison. My husband claims she should be a pregnancy consultant because she knows so many details. For example, did you know that mousse is made with raw eggs? Sad, but true.

Here's a pic of the final course that most of them (not I) were too full to touch after consuming all of the other goodies.

It was a perfect afternoon.

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