Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blogs that should be

I often wish certain blogs existed. One that comes to mind most frequently is Public Restrooms in NYC. I know, I know. It doesn't seem like a big deal. And I certainly shouldn't be blogging about it, right? Finding facilities isn't really something one worries about until it's an absolute necessity. Then it's astonishing how difficult it can really be.

Since bathrooms are a natural human need, I'm not the first to long for this information. My brother told me Seinfeld had an episode discussing the lack of public facilities in New York which made me think someone else may have already created this blog. Well, guess what? A specific blog may not be out there, but some nice people have written articles that have the information.

New York City Travel Information This page contains useful information about transportation and tipping as well. Bathroom listings are specific and general that aren't exactly accurate. For example, it mentions hotel lobbies as if they're all accommodating, which simply isn't true. Sure, a few in Times Square get a lot of action due to location and proximity to TKTS; however, I've tried to enter a few around the city that require a room key in order to enter the lobby bathroom!

New York Restrooms
These bathrooms are actually mapped!

Clean Bathrooms
This site is probably my favorite because it gives the location and a brief description of each. Once again, though, not all of the information here is totally accurate. This site indicates that Starbucks is a good location. Well.... I've been to two Starbucks in NYC that did not have public restrooms. Some do, though, so they're worth a try.

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