Monday, December 10, 2012

Jingle Jangle

I'm not athletic or crafty, but that doesn't keep me from trying.  On the way to a 5k, I sewed ribbons on shirts.

See that ribbon? I sewed it. My son was impressed.
My friends Ange and Shannon invited us to join them at the Jingle Bell Run.  Well, they knew I wouldn't actually run, so Ange volunteered to walk with me.

But I did run--three times--during the 5K.  That's a personal record that provides bragging rights.

My pals still make fun of my attempt in high school to run a 5k for extra credit. OH MY GOODNESS. And no witness can forget the hilarious ONE DAY in the spring I went out for track. (In my defense, the boys and girls were both state champions, runners-up, gods straight from Mt. Olympus or something that year).

I don't have a good track record.

So, I'd planned to train for this event, but...I didn't.

My training buddy and I still have not met and my treadmill is used by my hubby, who WON a 5k last week, by the way.
That's Ange, Shannon, and Garrett holding me up before the race (and mimosas).
I may not be cardio-fit, but at least I'm festive.
Shirts personalized at Society Shirts. Proceeds provide birthday parties for children in emergency foster care.

Our shirts supposedly say Super Cutie or Awesome Hottie or something similar in Cherokee.  Garrett suspects Ange and Shannon tricked us and they really say World's Greatest Grandpa.


  1. Ange paid me extra to never disclose the full Cherokee translation. I am sad though that I missed out on a shirt.
    PS Congrats on the PR. I don't think I ran 3 times my first 5K. I still don't actually. Oh, and where's Shannon's second leg?

    1. Hey, Mysterious Training Buddy I've Never Met! I'll swap you a t-shirt transfer for a translation.;) Seriously, I do have a transfer already printed. All you have to do is iron it. If you all plan to wear it for Saturday's run, I can get it to you.

      As for Shannon's second leg...?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! If I don't celebrate my minor victories, who will?!