Monday, December 31, 2012

Deer me

It isn't hunting season that has these deer down.

Nope. It's exhausted homeowners. And wind. And rain.

And, well, maybe embarrassment.

The buck has been unable to stay up since we found the two does mounted one morning.

Good Samaritans have tried to erect the deer on various occasions, but the wire beasts continue to be found moping on the ground.

The other day, a couple we'd just met informed us we are the "Dead Deer" house. Ho ho no!

I feel guilty for writing this post  about holiday decor back in 2008 BC (Before Children). I didn't realize the homeowners were probably too busy saying things like "Take that golf club out of your ear!" and "Get your finger out of your sister's nose!" to their own little elves to care two antlers about reindeer on the lawn.

Any holiday decor is a testimony to the holidays that someone cared enough to haul the electrical nightmares out of storage.

Next year, those deer are hibernating.


  1. Last year we gave our herd of deer to another loving family with a big yard and lots of other deer to play with . . . It's not just parents with wee ones that are too weary to keep the %#@ deer in lit and animated, downsizing can also decrease the Christmas deer population.

    1. That sounds like a lovely destination for deer!

      I can understand how the downsizing of a household can affect the lawn, too. If the kids were bigger, I could ask them to go out and fix whatever needs doing. And, chances are they'd do it most of the time.:) Perhaps these deer will hibernate for a few years before that's possible.

  2. I couldn't even manage one deer. After a few years of being half lit (the deer, not I) and tipsy (the deer, not I), our lone buck was left in the garage. I think he's actually happier there.

  3. LOVED those Christmas card shots - laughed out loud when I got this year's! It looks like your family's sharing of the Spirit of Christmas outweighed the health issues. Good thing you have pictures or you might not believe me!

    1. Aw, Shel! Thanks. You are sweet. Still have "the cough," but people are merrier around here for sure.:)