Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorite: College Re-Visited. Sort of.

Some things never change. On the way to meet a couple of my college sorority sisters, I got lost.

Don't worry. I only went down two one-way streets (the wrong way) and the other drivers were (mostly) nice about it.

When I arrived at El Guapo's Cantina in downtown Tulsa, it was so much like time spent at The Mont in Norman years ago.  Salsa, queso, and adult beverages. Okay, mine was a virgin strawberry daquiri, but it was delicious.
Steph C and Steph B at the Mont in '04

Even though it was 104 degrees outside and I weigh 40 pounds more than I did in college (due to my current state of pregnancy), I felt young again.

Until we dropped by Stephanie B's home and saw that her daughter had grown so that she was taller than her mom. Then I felt old.

Before long, she may be pledging a sorority herself. In fact, in the same number of years it's been since we rushed, Baby Alexandra will have the option to go through rush.

Whoa! Not feeling so young now.

That night, I drove Stephanie C to my home. We spent a lot of good times in our twenties and early thirties in NYC--hitting many of the hot spots mentioned in Sex and the City. Below is a pic of the night we went to the Meatpacking District, ate at Pasti's, and danced the night away at Soho House. Hey, Samantha may have been kicked out, but they welcomed us!
Before going out one night in '05
Our visit was definitely more domesticated this time around. The next morning we hung out in the shade of the swing set while Max and Garrett played.  Then we had salad and pizza at local yummy place Sam and Ella's Chicken Palace.
Stephanie C and Brandi in 2011
You doesn't matter how much time passes.  Friends are friends and their presence always makes your heart happy.

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