Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorite: Back to School

Preschool is widely accepted as a milestone.  NPR recently published a story providing data that it is also "the best job-training program" a person can receive.

To provide social interaction, we placed our little guy somewhere with a great reputation last year.  Then it changed. Drastically. So we removed him. We've been assured that the social skills he may have learned there won't damage him for life.

Fingers are crossed, folks.

Luckily, we were able to get him into the local Mother's Day Out/Preschool program at the Methodist Church. 

Day 1
Because of his previous experience with "school," we shouldn't have been surprised he was less than enthusiastic once the day arrived. In fact, the only children I know of who cried that morning must have had had some traumatic memories because they were the ones who attended the other place.

Insisting Dad carry him in rather than walking like a big boy

Unhappy, but being a little soldier and hanging up his backpack

Although he happily made gifts for his teachers, he refused to hand them over.

Day 2
It is fabulous! Two teachers are assigned for the small class of little bodies.  Daily updates are given.  Children play and learn. Healthy snacks are requested of parents instead of cakes and cookies.  Hallelujah! Note: I'm not opposed to some good junk food, but I want to be the one to give it to my kid thankyouverymuch. The school probably reminds him of the one Sid the Science Kid attends. Whatever the reason, improvement was definitely seen on day 2. He still wanted us to hang out and watch him play, but he didn't completely freak out when we left.

Afterward, we had a great conversation.

Me: What are your new teachers like?
Max: (grinning) Flowers

Day 3
He grabbed his teacher's hand to help her store some snacks and didn't seem to hear us when we said goodbye.

Day 4
Max: You take me to school today?
Me: Not until next Tuesday.
Max: (sticks out bottom lip and threatens tears)
Me: Today you get to hang out with Mommy
Max: (sighing) That make Mommy happy. (pats my arm and smiles sweetly)

Yes, very happy.


  1. Very sweet. You'll be glad you are cataloging these special times.

  2. For the billionth time,reading sweet memories like this makes me regret letting my biological mommmy clock run down before I had children. At least I can enjoy reading about yours. And who knows, some miraculous day, I might still adopt.

  3. So glad it's going well! Give M a squeeze for me.

  4. In the first picture, Garret looks as sad as Max. Separation anxiety affects everyone in the family.

  5. I hope he continues to have a great year. That's really sad to have experienced a bad preschool! Bless his heart.

  6. GREAT Resiliance! Hope the rest of the year has more ups than downs.

  7. Thanks for all the support! He's definitely liking school and his new little friends.