Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Tummy Photo and Little Boys

A little boy pointed at my tummy this weekend and said, "What's in there?

"My baby girl is growing until she's big enough to come out and play."

"How did she get in there?" he asked.

I hesitated and looked toward his mom.

His eyes widened.  "Did you eat her?"


  1. This story definitely made me smile:) You look beautiful!

  2. Thanks!
    I'm glad I made you smile. Kids are pretty funny. That's one of the things I miss about teaching. Even high school kids made me laugh every day.

  3. Love the picture!

  4. Thanks! My high school classmate and friend Alecia Mitchell has a photography business. She's amazing, isn't she? Click on the picture to link to her Facebook page and reach her for bookings.

  5. I love how kids think! Thanks for the sweet reminder of how different the world looks from a kids point of view. Love the photo!

  6. Thanks, Lisa.

    And of course you love how kids think! They're your tribe and they speak your language.:)

  7. Gorgeous photographs. Wish I could see larger versions!

    And that's a great little story. :)

  8. Alecia is very talented with photography. She's posted a couple to my Facebook page that you can click on for bigger shots. I like just flipping through her photos.