Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Writer's Wednesday: Lela Davidson is Blacklisted by the PTA

It's here! Hooray!

My funny and fashionable writing pal has a new book! Click here to order your very own copy.
Isn't she adorable?
When Lela Davidson learned she could turn sass into cash, she left her accounting job. Readers have been grateful ever since. Lela writes about the real issues of being a wife and mom while finding the time to drink wine from a box in her driveway.

Check out her website and click on the links to read some of her many articles on family, business, and writing. She knows what she's talking about. Because of her, I'm completely guilt free about paying someone to clean my house. Every gal needs someone to tell it straight.

Lela does.

And in person? Yes. She's that funny.


  1. Thank you! I appreciate your friendship, and your help spreading the word. Someday I'll be a novelist... Someday :)

  2. "Someday I'll be a novelist...."

    Why bother? What you write is stranger--and funnier--than fiction.