Saturday, July 2, 2011

TV Toddler Tuesday: Sid the Science Kid

Did you know roly polies aren't insects? They're crustaceans--like lobsters!

I learned this at the same time my 2 year old did.

Sid the Science Kid totally rocks. Sid's family is loving and encourages curiosity. His friends are silly, smart and well behaved. His teacher sings songs. Each episode has at least one mini dance party and lots and lots of science.

Plus, the website is really cool.

I've always been lousy at science. Okay, not lousy, but it's definitely been my educational challenge.  A teacher once told me that if I'd cheated like the rest of her (insert science here) class in high school, I'd have been valedictorian. ?! I worked my tail off and earned an 89.8. No rounding, obviously.

And, yes, I'm still bitter.

In college, I signed up for astronomy, half-way thinking it was astrology. Oops.  Oh well, my soon-to-be boyfriend-and-eventual-hubby took that class. My science challenge required lots of study dates. Hmm. I guess our future was written in the stars!

My brother understands science. Growing up, whenever the science fair rolled around each year, he had plenty of ideas.  Me? I always wished it was the art fair. Now, he teaches science.  He also has a beautiful yard in which flora actually grows. My yard is a place plants come to die. Clearly, my sibling inherited the science gene.

But, with Sid the Science Kid and my brother and hubby's help, I'm thinking that my son has a future with comprehending science.

Who knows? Maybe I can, too.

Yeah, right.

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