Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writer's Wednesday: Bring out the tiara!

My writing group is amazing.  Just ask us.

Ten years ago, I carefully selected a small cluster of friends, and we formed a writing group. Later, we decided we needed a name. Since then, The Inklings have grown as writers and in number.  One of my favorite traditions is going to the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. each year.

My mother and I went first--way back in 2003.
Martha and Brandi after OWFI in 2003
She'd attended previously and thought I'd enjoy it as a birthday gift. We had such a good time that we decided to bring our pals and enter the contest the following year.
The Inklings at our first OWFI banquet. (Photo taken by William Bernardt!)

The first time The Inklings attended OWFI, a member said, "What group are you?"

"We're the Inklings."

"Never heard of you."

We smiled. "You will."
Kelly and Brandi with certificates and checks from our first OWFI contest.

So true.

We make new friends each year. That's part of who we are. Gabbing with others who are passionate about writing is a favorite past time.

Inklings and friends at our 2011 banquet table

In 2005, Lisa introduced the "hallelujah basket."
Hallelujah basket 2006

She's stowed various items of celebration in it over the years, but there's always, always a tiara and jingle bells.  During the banquet in which contest winners are announced, we shake the basket to get those bells jingling as we applaud.  When the winner returns with her prize, she is crowned with a tiara--until the next winner claims it.  It's. So. Much. Fun.

I love seeing my friends crowned.

Dee Dee Chumley
Kelly Bristow
Sonia Gensler

Karuna Clark

Shel Harrington
Martha Bryant

Lisa Marotta
Karen Coody-Cooper

Don't get me wrong. I like a tiara, too!

This year, the announcer even joined in our fun as she announced. "Well, get out the tiara."

Next Writer's Wednesday: How to start your own critique group.


  1. That tiara is a wonderful idea! Your group did very well. Congratulations to all of you.

  2. I am honored to be an Inkling, proud of the hard work, perseverence, and fellowship that makes our group identity. Woo Hoo! (shake the basket)

  3. Thanks, Jeannie! Lisa's tiara idea was pure genius. She knows how to add extra fun to any party.

  4. I second that, Lisa. (Any chance to shake the basket, right?) Woo Hoo!

  5. Brandi, I love this post! It's fun to see how long you guys have been friends and how successful you are each year. I do love the tiaras. I feel like the Inklings might have to up their game to air horns after the other table had those party blowers (why can't I think of what they're called)? Just remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Go Hallelujah basket!

  6. Oops, misplaced punctuation in my comment. Please ignore:) I'm typing from my phone.

  7. It was a delight to meet you, Jenna. I'm glad you could join us.

    About those air horns...I think not.;) The table with the dog that howled/barked was hilarious, though.

  8. What a fun stroll down memory lane! I'm looking forward to many more tiara moments!

  9. Me, too, Sonia!

    To everyone who left a comment and it's no longer here...there was a problem at Blogspot. It erased all of the entries from Wednesday until Friday for a while. Thankfully, it didn't lose the entry, but I see it lost the comments.:(