Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TV Tuesday: James Durbin is my American Idol

I've never watched so many episodes of American Idol The feel-good attitude of the new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez combined with the talent and diversity of the contestants pulls me back each week.

One singer who even managed to reel in my husband and anchor him to the television set is James Durbin.

Hubby probably wouldn't be thrilled to know I shared that he watches American Idol, but he does.  Or rather, he did.

James Durbin was eliminated last week.

Now what do we do?

We both love James. He had me at his audition.

He really had me at his story.

Even though his mother claims he's always had perfect pitch, he's had a less than harmonious existence.  Not only does he have Tourette's, but he also has Aspergers.  Meeting "an angel" changed his life. Then he and Heidi had their son.  Watching him each week was special for me because his passion for music and his family resonated.

How many other contestants auditioned because they couldn't afford diapers?

Sure, the remaining three are talented, too, or I couldn't have watched so long.  Read here to see what I said about them a few weeks ago. Scotty and Lauren are sweet with beautiful voices. Hayley is the underdog whose talent and va-va-va-voom led her to the top three.

But James is a well-rounded artist.

Durbin visualized each performance--flaming pianos, marching drummers and all--and created it on a storyboard.  The others admitted to stressing about what to wear each week, but Durbin designed his own costumes.  The guy has stage presence. He included the camera and the live audience in a natural way that many others still haven't mastered.

I'm amazed at his talent.

So, James, you asked in one of my favorite performances: Will you still love me tomorrow? 

Yes, James. Yes, we will.

Let us know when you're on tour, and we'll be there.

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