Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TV Tuesday: Pregnant in Heels

Oh my goodness. 

That's what you'll say when you watch it, too.

Pregnant in Heels is a show about "maternity concierge" Rosie Pope who caters to the "millionaire mamas" of the upper East side in Manhattan.

My pal Jennifer who is a party planner and super-mom introduced me to this show.

I confess it makes me chipper when I'm having a stressful day and feel less-than-prepared for my wee one on its way. 

One eye-popping moment is when Rosie tries to help a completely unprepared mom by introducing a real-life infant.  The millionaire mama holds the teeny-tiny at arms' length before thrusting him at her husband.  She says something like...."Oooh, it's too heavy. I need to go to the gym." The birth is about a week away.  Yeah. Good luck on those biceps, lady. Not to worry. She's planning to have a nanny. And within three days of baby's due date, some other hired hand is expected to set up the crib.

Oh my goodness.

Another couple calls their unborn a parasite.  They don't want a baby messing up their clean-lined, modern apartment. The mom-to-be's solution regarding toys?  She compromises by saying two blocks will be allowed so the space invader can click them together.

Oh my goodness.

Another couple, who is more impressed with themselves than probably anyone else, hires Rosie to help them "brand" their baby.  They need a name. They want his name to suggest to others just how important they think they are. After a panel of people--ranging from a linguist to a poet--suggest names, they have a focus group offer opinions. As if that isn't enough, Rosie throws a dinner party for the couple's closest friends so they can be discredited by the couple, too.  Guess what?  The couple chooses the name that NO ONE likes, except them.

Some people have more money than sense.

Needless to say, Rosie's services prevail. When she visits each couple after the baby is born, I don't feel the need to call child services.

How Rosie Pope manages to keep her cool is beyond my comprehension.  Not only are most of the mama moments over-the-top, but Rosie is enduring in-vitro fertilization. Wowzuh.  I'm hoping to see a major meltdown when her hormones strike back at some pregnant diva.

The show is highly entertaining and offers anyone the opportunity to feel smug.

Grab a martini--or mocktini--and check out the first episode on Hulu.



  1. Omigosh, this sounds like the sort of trainwreck that people won't be able to stop gawking at. This cracks me up:

    Another couple calls their unborn a parasite. They don't want a baby messing up their clean-lined, modern apartment.

    Heh. Poor wee parasite! Did they get their attitudes adjusted?

  2. I saw the episode with the dinner party. They hated every single name. I was sad for their friends! You've convinced me to watch future episodes;)

  3. Need more enticement? This isn't an accurate quote from the show, but it's close.

    "Who does she thinks she is? Rosie comes in here all hating on my He-Man sword collection."


    Swords and skulls aren't primo in the safety, baby-friendly environment.