Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Santa Clause

Dear Santa,

It was an honor to meet you tonight in Branson, Missouri. You seemed very nice when I met you for the first time...but I heard you when you told my mom to drop me in your lap and run if she wanted a picture. I also heard you when you said I was already starting to cry.

I. Was. Not.

I was just surprised. How many other guys in furry clothes and a beard do you see running around in the Ozarks?

No, wait, let me clarify.

How many guys in furry clothes with flying reindeer do you see running around in the Ozarks?

See?! You're a little intimidating. Plus, Mom, Dad, Papa and Grammy were so excited to meet you it made me nervous.

Just to be clear: I am not afraid of you.

So...there's no need to avoid our chimney at Christmas. I'll even leave you and your reindeer a snack.

Baby Max

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