Sunday, December 13, 2009


Garrett and I had an entertaining afternoon in two historical homes. The first one hosted a Christmas celebration that told visitors all about different cultures' take on the holiday. Among many others historical figures, we met Father Frost from Russia and a little Icelandic elf. Black Peter from Turkey handed me a stick when we entered the room. I later found out that meant I'd been naughty this year.

Don't tell Santa!

Afterward, Garrett and I went to an open house held by a writing friend of mine. She and her husband restored a home built in 1908. They did an amazing job. Like me, her husband collects Frankoma. He has more green dishes than I do--his service is for 24--and served beautiful, tasty treats on them. Since both of them have artistic leanings, their home revealed those touches. Jim's handmade baskets, soapstone carvings, and beadwork were prominently displayed. I loved Karen's cozy, quirky study. She collect possums--because she thought they'd be rare--and the entire room was filled with possum paraphernalia: a tinsel possum, stuffed animals, books, pillows, etc. Hilarious! Writing in a quirky, fun room like that must be inspirational.

We enjoyed our day with friends and festivities.

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