Monday, December 14, 2009

Big boy toothbrush

Pulling the purple Abby Cadabby brush and toothpaste from its package, I said, "Max, do you want to brush with a big boy toothbrush?"

He ran all the way to the bathroom while chanting, "Bzzzzzzzzzz."

Although it wasn't an electric toothbrush like Mom and Dad's, he didn't seem disappointed. He brushed his teeth for ten minutes and cried when we finally took it from him.

This morning, I urged him to brush carefully and tried to guide it to better clean his teeth.

He furrowed his brow and jerked the brush from my hand. That didn't stop Mommy Who Cleans Relentlessly. I dove back in, trying to explain that he needed to brush the backs of his teeth so that the milk wouldn't rot them. (Hey, I clean him relentlessly, but he's still on two bottles a day.)

He jerked the brush from my hand again and aimed it at my face.

I said, "What are you---" and he shoved the brush in my mouth and waved it around. Then he pulled it out, stuck his hand on his hip (still holding the toothbrush), and said, "Bubbabwaha gungha bu, Mama."

Translation: How do you like having someone shove that thing in your mouth? Not nice, huh, Mama?"

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