Monday, October 29, 2012

R2D2? Optimus Prime? Robot Mania has struck.

Me:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Max: A robot.

Usually his answer is trashman. A year ago, it was construction worker.

But life is fast-paced and ever-changing with the preschool set.  Just a few months ago, my uncle excitedly gave Max a Transformer saying he wished he'd received such a cool gift as a kid. 

He peeked inside, dropped the bag and said, "No, thank you." Max was so terrified, he wouldn't stay in the same room. 

Uncle Ed claimed he gave it to another little boy, but I suspect that robot is carefully tucked away so he can play with it when Aunt Mary Sue isn't watching.

No matter the history, Maximus Prime is geared up about robots now.

Any guesses on his Halloween costume?

For now, check out this cool book for your robot man.

Will your little robot love Boy and Bot?



  1. Love it. When Darku was 6 he had a toy robot that he carried around everywhere.

    1. And now he's a DJ, right? He didn't move too far from technology, did he?

  2. What fun, getting to pretend to be what you want to be. That's even fun for us grown-ups.O:)

  3. oops, my emoticon didn't work, oh well . . .

  4. I will keep that book in mind for Master Brooks. He has recently developed a fascination with the vacuum cleaner, so a transformer can't be far behind!

    1. Most definitely. I thought of him. It has few words and lots of pics that convey a really sweet story about friendship. Plus-the-robot's-words-are-hyphenated-so-you-automatically-talk-like-a-robot.