Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writer's Wednesday: Michelle Krys and Ruth Lauren Steven Host Christmas in July Contest

Have you heard about the Christmas in July contest? Young adult authors Michelle Krys and Ruth Lauren Steven gave this gift to their writing peers.

I didn't even get them socks.

Here are the details:

Writers with complete manuscripts submitted a query and their first 500 words in the hopes that one of the ten agents participating in the contest will say, "I must have this book. Send me your masterpiece."

This contest is a wonderful opportunity. Seriously...they trended on Twitter on the day of submissions.

Wait...contest deadline...It's over?  Why should you care?

In the voyeuristic vein of Query Shark and Miss Snark (may her blog rest in peace), you can watch this contest unfold. Witness the next best seller in infancy.  It's like So You Think You Can Dance for writers.

Sort of.

Michelle Krys and Ruth Lauren Steven played agents and trudged through over 300 entries to select their 15 faves and post them on their blogs.

That means, dear writer friend, that you get to look at real queries and opening pages that caught their attention. Plus, you get to watch how it plays out and witness what catches the agents' attention.

Pretty cool, right? Yep. Christmas in July.

Check out what's under the tree!

Click here to see Ruth Lauren Steven's picks.

Click here to see Michelle Krys's picks.

I know the perfect gift in return. Buy their books! 

Merry Christmas in July!


  1. Thanks, Brandi! When I saw I didn't win, I was like "Bah, humbug!Enough with them!" But this is very interesting. I'll definitely check it out.

    1. I didn't win either. So I really want to see what these winners are doing in their queries that we losers aren't. I know my book is wonderful - as yours is too Dee Dee - but I can't seem to ever get anyone to read it and find out.

  2. I'm glad you all are as interested as I am in watching this transpire. Anyone care for a friendly wager? j/k

    Both of you are gifted writers. Your agents simply haven't been lucky enough to meet you yet. It will happen.