Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorite: Memorial Day Welcome Home

Memorial Day weekend is here. People across America celebrate their three day weekend in many different ways. Hot dogs on the grill. Boating at the lake. Decorating graves of loved ones. Memorial Day's original purpose was to remember those who died in the service of our country.

This Friday Favorite is my thanksgiving that Major Paul Krattiger gets to spend Memorial Day with his wife and daughters. Like every other military family, each member of their family has sacrificed. Although they're human, I've never heard them complain.  They have something many people lack these days: honor.  Paul and Alison are some of the best human beings I know. (You know those friends who make you want to be a better person?) They love their life together--even when it's apart.
I swiped this pic from Alison's Facebook page. It was called "Let's finish this!"

I met Alison while we attended OU and have been blessed with our friendship ever since. Although we don't see each other often, she's one of those people to whom I've always felt connected. And Paul? They make the perfect pair. It wouldn't surprise me if everyone feels as Garrett and I do about them.

When we lived in NJ, Paul and Alison were at West Point and delivered their first born within a week of our arrival. They were the first non-hospital people to meet Max.We were so lucky to have such great friends nearby. We shared Easter dinner with them. We traveled to Philadelphia when I was pregnant with Max (and not much of a good traveler, but they didn't complain). They attended my surprise baby shower at Lady Mendl's tea room.  

We're pretty sure this moment is the reason Max prefers older women.
Max receives his "first" kiss

They've moved a couple of other places since West Point. They were blessed with another beautiful daughter.  Paul was deployed.  And now he is home.

This weekend, please remember all the men and women who died in service to our country.

For now, please join me in celebrating a homecoming.

The Krattiger family reunited

Doesn't this pic say it all?

May they live happily ever after!

The moments above were captured by Photography by Kim Paine. Click here to see even more. Caution: I fight tears each time I do. If you're in the Colorado Springs area, you should hire her!


  1. Beautiful family, touching story. My dad was in WWII in the Philippines. He came home years before I was born, but the experiences he had there (although he wouldn't talk about them unless asked and probled), had a profound influence on his life. In his very last days we discovered symptoms of PTSD that we had always attributed to "Well, Dad's on a rant again." He even saw hallucinations of Japanese soldiers climbing up the walls in his hospital room. (This is over 40 years after the eperiences). He told me some things I can't even stand to think about, much less write about. But I honor my father, Wiley Willard Whisman Private 1st class, United States Army. 1923-2011 Rest in Peace, Dad.

  2. Such a touching post, Brandi. This is a beautiful family and the picture of the daughter holding her daddy's hand tugs at my heart. So glad to know he is home and safe at this point. If you get a chance, please pass along my heartfelt thinks to this family for the sacrifices all of them make.

    1. The photographer's Facebook page includes even more pictures. Seriously, I can't look at them without tearing up. They are an amazing family.

  3. Welcome home Paul! Thanks for all you do.