Monday, April 9, 2012

Capuchin See Capuchin Do

My friend Bre and I recently took our sons to Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari in Gentry, Arkansas.

That's right.  It's a safari in Arkansas.

We spent the morning at the petting zoo, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and drove through the safari.  A variety of critters from kangaroos to rhinos greeted us...

...but my son claims the best parts were trying to pet (chase) the baby pig and riding a pony.

My favorite part was meeting a little primate pal.

As we approached, the caregiver was saying, "...oh, no. He doesn't let people hold him. He's known me a long time. That's why he lets me."

I'd no sooner stopped moving than the little creature leapt from the guy's neck and was looking up at me from my feet, his tiny paws hugging my leg.  He blinked as if to say, "May I?" I laughed and he took that as permission to climb me. He scampered up so quickly, I hardly knew what was happening.

Capuchin on my back!

Check out the kiss he gives my shoulder. Max isn't sure what to think of it!

I feel special!
If you're not too far away, visit this little treasure.  Children love it, but you're never too old to pet a baby goat or monkey around.


  1. I'm impressed you're smiling. Not sure how I'd feel about a capuchin on my back!

    1. It shocked me. Plus, it was cute. Most of all, it liked me. It really liked me! How could I not smile?:)