Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommy Monday

Hubby: Max, did you pee in the bathroom?
Max: (big grin)Yes.
Hubby: (steam coming out of his head) Did you pee on the floor?
Max: Yes.
Hubby: Why?
Max: I wanted to.

Ask a stupid question....

So, I'm glad I found this blog entry on Pinterest about Getting Rid of that Boy Smell in the Bathroom.


  1. Ah. Jesse peed on the floor because he "was trying to make a pee mountain, but it didn't work." Of course. Of course that's why.

    I am so happy that you have provided a link to "Getting Rid of that Boy Smell in the Bathroom." I think it may change my life.

    1. Since you're pregnant and dealing with queasiness, then yes...ridding yourself of boy smells will most definitely change your life. Consider it my "Congratulations, Mama!" gift.:)

  2. Be thankful it was the bathroom floor. Could've been worse.

  3. Yes, pee on tile is way better then pee on carpet....or poo on carpet at my house! (humph!)