Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorite: Confessions of a Closeted Geek

I am a closet geek. At least I think I'm closeted.  Not anymore.

A knit hat with Yoda ears for a newborn makes me giggle.

The only outfit I've ever "liked" on Pinterest contains a Superman tee and yellow Converse. When I clicked through to see the source, I realized it was inspired by Leonard on The Big Bang Theory.

 I sincerely believe Firefly was brilliant...and should probably be taught in schools.

So, this morning's conversation with my three-year-old was bound to happen.

Max asked, "Mom, what's in a lightsaver?" (Note: just as he says "grabel" for "gravel," he means "lightsaber," not "lightsaver."

Contemplating the proper answer, I paused.

Do I tell him it's not real? Do I tell him about good and evil using The Force as a metaphor? Is he too young?

"Never mind." He looked at me knowingly and nodded. "Probably plastic."

Um, yeah.   


  1. Max is entirely too smart already! So cute!

    1. I learn from him daily--mostly about the limits of my patience and the multitude of machines that dig in the dirt.

  2. You can never know too much about machines that dig in the dirt.