Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writer's Wednesday: Emmy Lee is my Frenemy by Lisa Marotta

You know how your child loves your iPhone and iPad? Well, MeeGenius is a new kind of publishing house that provides beautiful online books--for kids. They even have a tab for free books.

In September, MeeGenius began a contest in search of a new picture book author.  My friend and critique buddy Lisa Marotta is in the contest with a story to which many children (and adults) relate.  Click here to read her manuscript and vote. 

Check out the other entries, too. They're great!  Voting ends December 18.


  1. Thanks Brandi! Appreciate the shout out-- you are no Emmy Lee thats for sure!

  2. Thank YOU for writing such a great book that teaches children and reminds adults how best to deal with frenemies.