Monday, November 7, 2011

Mommy Monday: Newborn language and getting through the night

Before my son was born, I created a three ring binder. In it were tidbits of information from books, websites, hospital handouts, friends, etc. Anything I thought I might need when baby came home, I placed on color-coded sheets of paper in that black folder. My family teased me that I'd created a how-to manual.

Not quite.

Alexandra, my second baby, is 8 weeks old.  I've reached for the binder only a few times for her, and each time it was to brush up on Dunstan's baby language . The binder is my baby to English dictionary as I trudge through a foreign land during the dark, late hours.

The gist of Dunstan's baby language is that babies cry for only a few reasons.  If one truly listens, the baby explains exactly what he or she needs.  

Here's a run-down for you:
Neh--I'm hungry. 
Owh--I'm sleepy. (I never heard this from either of my children.)
Heh--I'm stressed out and uncomfortable.  (Maybe child is hot, cold or needs diaper. In my experience, this one can be used in conjunction with others.)
Eairh--I have lower gas. (Rubbing the tummy, patting the bum, or bicycling legs worked wonders on my babies.)
Eh--I need to burp. (This one sounds a lot like the lower gas one, but they're a similar problem.  In my experience, sometimes babies will mix both words.  I just tried to remedy both situations and would eventually solve it.)
If you have a newborn, try listening. You'll be glad you did.