Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writer's Wednesday: Haunting at Seminary Hall

It wasn't until the tour began and they told a few ghost stories that I realized what I'd done.

I was on a tour of a haunted building. 

What the hell was I thinking?

Commercials for scary movies give me nightmares, so what was I doing in an old building rumored to be filled with ghosts of children and a crabby old school marm?

The place and its hauntings inspired my friend Sonia Gensler's book The Revenant. She had a book signing.  She's pictured below during her book talk. 
We hope she'll do it again next year. It was even more fun to hear her add to the tour regarding events in the book.

The tour was creepy. The scream? Yeah, it was me. It turns out that a ghost wasn't opening a door--but a woman falling into a door handle sure sounds like it.  We lost part of the people on our tour because they were listening to what may have been a ghost typing. I heard it, too, but, believe me, I didn't even think about stopping.

Below are Martha and Karen from our writing group with Sonia in front of Seminary Hall. 

Sonia and I are in this one--and it looks like I have no arms!  The scary part, though, is that they talked about how a lot of the photos in the haunted places have orbs. you see the big orb above our heads?
Another reported haunting is that of footsteps up and down the hall.  So... you have to wonder when you see this on the ceiling.

Sonia brought my family Halloween themed cupcakes. They were delicious.
Perhaps the scariest part of the evening was my son's behavior. He may have chosen the princess cupcake but the growling was all boy.  Sonia's expression conveys my feelings exactly.

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