Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Siblings

A few weeks ago, my friend Ange told Max she was going to take Alexandra home.
He cried, "NOOOOO!"
"Why not?" she asked.
Fists clenched, he said, "Because she's my sister and I love her!"

I thought we had really accomplished something in the parenting department regarding sibling rivalry.

Then we had another conversation recently. Note: brother is pronounced brudder in Max dialect.

Max: Where do you buy a brother?
Me: You know where Alexandra came from.  You can't buy people.
Max: Grow me a brother, PLEASE.
Me: We have Alexandra.
Max: Put her outside and buy me a brother.


  1. When B was in Pre-K, she was sent to the principal's office for fighting. (Gasp! MY kid?!?) Wyatt was ready to spank her himself, until he found out that a little boy wouldn't take no for an answer to his marriage proposal, then threw wood chips in her face. She was the unlucky one to get caught retaliating. As soon as she told her side, he turned into the Uber-Big Brother; "Who is this kid? Does he ride the bus, or is he a walker? What's his name?" To this day, every time Wyatt sees the poor kid he puffs up like a bull frog and stares him down with the evil eye that only big brothers can master!

  2. Hilarious! Kids are funny. I wonder what will happen when a boy offers a real marriage proposal!

  3. Hilarious.
    My mom never bought me a brudder either. Just like Max, I got a little sister.
    It's hard being the eldest...

  4. "It's hard being the eldest."

    My big brother agrees.

  5. Ha! This is a story that will be told a thousand times! Love it!

  6. Ha! This is a story that will be told a thousand times! Love it!