Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TV Tuesday: Here comes the royal bride!

A commoner (so what if her parents are millionaires?) will marry a prince--because they're in love.

Why are so many of us excited? I think it's because deep in our cynical hearts we really want love to conquer all and for fairy tales to come true.

Wedding fever is everywhere.  Did you know you can buy special apps created in honor of the event? Why not buy a keepsake or throw a party and give away great swag? You may still have time to purchase them from here or here. If not, go here to buy an imitation of the engagement ring (shown above) that both Prince William and Prince Charles gave to their brides.

Like so many people, I'm wondering what Catherine Middleton will wear. Check out this article to get a slide show of famous brides and grooms--including Queen Elizabeth II and her mother.

Go to the official royal wedding site to obtain the seating arrangements as well as history and photos of royal wedding cakes and carriages.Warning: if you are even the teeny-tiny bit interested, you will spend a long time here.

When I was a little girl, my mother, grandmother and aunt traveled to London. While there, they saw a parade where Lady Di was presented to the public and someone shot at the queen. (I believe it was the last time the queen rode horseback in a parade.)

Not long after, I nestled close to my mom on the couch, and we watched a real royal wedding before the sun came up.  Lady Diana was beautiful.  Prince Charles dressed like the princes in the Disney movies. I just knew they were to have a perfect happily ever after.

But since they couldn't, I really hope their son and his chosen bride do.


  1. I also remember watching the first royal wedding (Di and Charles) I wanting a dress just like Dianas, but couldn't figure out what she saw in him. Guess she couldn't either. Hope this one is for lasting love and they are ready to work on it. It would be fabulous for the royal family to have some happiness.

  2. Agreed. Sure, I'm just an American commoner, but it seems the royal family might have learned their lesson. Prince Charles looked so much happier on his wedding day to Camilla than to Di.

    I noticed Kate Middleton's father was awarded a coat of arms, so does that mean he's still a commoner? Perhaps some things just wouldn't look proper.:)