Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Writer's Wednesday: Kristen Lamb Kills the Bright Idea Fairy

Standing in the cafeteria line at the DFW Writers Conference, a woman behind me gushed. "Kristen Lamb changed my life!  I have a book deal. Last year I didn't even have a blog."


Cafeteria girl wasn't the only person I heard singing the praises of Kristen Lamb. These people were like those gnomes you see that pop up in people's gardens. They'd appear out of nowhere...and not go away.  Have you been to Kristen Lamb's session? Have you talked to Kristin? OMG, she's amazing.

Um. Okay. I get it.

So, I went.

And guess what? This perky, energetic woman encouraged the killing of the Bright Idea Fairy.


Who is the Bright Idea Fairy? She's the one who comes to you with fabulous ideas.

During Kristen's blog-building session, she shared three things the Bright Idea Fairy will say to you and what to do about it:

"Blog about yourself."
Kill the BIF! "Don't use blog as an online journal." (oopsie!) Apparently, most people don't lead fascinating enough lives to gather a readership. She indicated it's okay if a story becomes a lesson, asks questions or otherwise engages the reader.

"Blog from character's point of view."
Kill the BIF! This tactic is a gimmick. Readers seek authenticity. "The only thing that makes people love your book as much as you do is your book."

"Post sections of the novel."
Kill the BIF! "It doesn't serve the reader. It doesn't boost Google stats."  Only do this if the book is something reader is able to buy. With a link.  Right now.  Then it's a teaser.

She knows what she's talking about.  Sometimes even well-meaning fantastical creatures must go away.

To learn more about what she has to offer regarding social media and writing, check out her informative and hilarious blog.  Plus, you can purchase her new book called We Are Not Alone-The Writer's Guide to Social Media.

Check back here next Writer's Wednesday for more on Kristen Lamb.


  1. Thanks for this post, Brandi. I checked out Kristen's book about social media and bought it on the spot. Looking forward to learning more about using social media to market my books!

  2. You're welcome, Sara! Thanks for the comment. I'm definitely a fan of her blog now. Let me know what you think of the book.