Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TV Tuesday: Country Music Awards

Apparently, where I live is hell to asthmatics. I didn't even know I was this asthmatic.

Nice to know now that I live here.

With pollen flying around and all sorts of other yucky allergens floating in the air, it probably wasn't the best time to have our new floors installed.  They're beautiful, but the saw dust added to the existing allergens forced us out of our home and into my parents'.

It was a vacation! My parents cooked.  They entertained our toddler. Their dog entertained our toddler. We probably need to do this more often. I feel rested for the first time in ages.

I didn't watch any of my regular shows. Nor did my mother and I get to watch a recorded version of Jane Eyre...because my dad accidentally deleted everything on the DVR. I didn't know that was possible.  The most distraught person in the house was my son when he couldn't watch Tom and Jerry.

However, we did watch the Country Music Awards.  I like most music--except techno which just manages to irritate me. But my husband loathes country music. He played on his computer in another room.

He missed out. My mom walked in to see me dancing in the middle of their living room as Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood jammed out to their rendition of Walk This Way. Oh, yeah.

So not country, but so fun.

The Rihanna/Jennifer Nettles combo was less thrilling for me, but Rihanna totally worked her flirty, fringy dress. It was a cute choice for the country show.

Plus, I admit, I adore Taylor Swift. How clever was her performance of Mean? I love the whole Depression Era front-porch hootenanny. She showed that she wasn't just pop music.

She's multi-talented, and I'm glad she received the Entertainer of the Year Award. Sure, her fans are more of the age to text votes and get her to win, but I don't care about that obvious advantage.

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