Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Glee Bowl Sunday

Most of America is hyped about the Superbowl tonight. Others want to see the commercials. Not I.

I'm one of those people who has eagerly anticipated the return of Glee.  Should I be embarrassed how much I love this show? Even with my limited viewing time, I've seen certain episodes at least four times. Two long months (okay, a month and a half) have made me wonder what sort of antics those crazy kids have been up to--and what sort of musical mash-ups they've concocted.

Glee has pulled me singing and dancing into the modern era.  Because of Glee, I know how to download iTunes.  In the past, I've always requested--and then nagged--my sweet husband to add songs to my playlist. Now, I can do it all by my little ol' self. I owe it to Glee. Some of those songs are just too awesome to wait for someone else to load.

Also because of Glee, I've entered the world of YouTube.  Sure, I'd open the occasional link friends emailed, but I'd never searched for anything.  Until this one.  And this one. And this one.  See? Aren't you wanting to search for more Glee-ful scenes? Be careful about YouTube, though. I spent entirely too long one night watching various Ellen Degeneres interviews of Justin Bieber.

So, even though I've had a fever for days (and no, it's not Bieber Fever), I'm going to stay up and watch Glee. Because I'm a Gleek. And that's okay. Go Team Gleek!

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