Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Help

I recently finished Kathryn Stockett's The Help.

A friend loaned me the book, and it sat, lonely, on my shelf for months. Once I picked it up and began reading, though, I hated turning off the light at night to go to bed. The story lived with me during the day and I heard the characters whispering to me. It's one of those books where I'd forget it was a book. While thinking of a character, I'd think to myself, she really ought to write a book about her life.

I was not surprised, then, when I heard that USA Today had named it the 2009 book of the year.

Some people don't like books or movies that win a lot of awards. They believe it means they're depressing. The Help has as much sadness and joy as real life. The balance is what I think makes it so believable and worthy of reading.

Not only is the book one that makes me want to live a better life and be true to the human race, but the story of the author also inspires.

The Help is Stockett's debut novel. More than 60 agents rejected her. She has since sold over one million copies in hardcover.

Yep, that's inspiring.

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